One of life’s fortuitous moments

What a wonderful bit of serendipity!
As I made last-minute preparations for a cross-country bicycle ride beginning in San Diego, I had been corresponding by e-mail with a former Associated Press colleague from the early 1970s, when we both worked in Moscow. We hadn’t seen each other in more than 30 years.
Via e-mail, we caught up a bit on each other’s lives since those frigid days of the Cold War and I steered him to this blog.
Old Encinitas postcardMeanwhile, I was trying to figure out how best to get to San Diego from Encinitas, 25 miles up the coast, where I have to return the rental car that I’m driving from Fort Worth. The Budget rental agency has seven locations in the San Diego area, but, for some unknown reason, only one accepts the return of one-way rentals. It’s in Encinitas.
A study of Google Maps provided the route of an easy, very scenic bicycle ride from Encinitas to San Diego — first along Coast Highway 101 and then along Torrey Pines Road to La Jolla and the Point Loma area, the location of the hostel that will be the rendezvous point for the start of our transcontinental journey.
I printed out turn-by-turn directions, with accompanying inset maps, and pretty much decided that I’d begin my cross-country bicycle travel in Encinitas a few days before our official start in San Diego.

Covering a parade in Red Square, early 1970s

Covering a parade in Red Square, early 1970s

But on Friday I received an e-mail from my friend of Moscow days asking when I’d be in San Diego. He lives in Nevada, near Lake Tahoe, but it turns out that he’s in San Diego on business and will be there when our bicycle caravan sets out for Florida.
He offered to meet me in Encinitas on Sept. 17, drive me back to San Diego and even put me up for the night at a house he has at Point Loma, only a couple miles from the hostel.
We’ll have a chance to retell stories about our adventures and misadventures of living and working in the Soviet Union of Leonid Brezhnev as young correspondents on our first foreign postings. And also to catch up on more than three decades of living since then.
Another of life’s fortuitous moments!



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3 responses to “One of life’s fortuitous moments

  1. Ben P.

    PS: I like the photo of you in Moscow…could you email it to me? Ben

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