A glorious 1st of September

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”
John F. Kennedy, 1917-1963

Trinity Trails logoToday was a glorious day for cycling in Fort Worth: bright sunshine, a light, mostly southerly wind, the grass greened up by a heavy rain last week and temperatures in the mid-80s.
After weeks of temperatures in the high 90s and low 100s, it felt like fall.
The fine weather brought onto the Trinity Trails lunchtime joggers, bench-sitters and even a couple of kayakers on the Trinity River.
The day was especially satisfying in that I reached my goal of 3,000 training miles — since Jan. 1 — in preparation for our transcontinental bike ride beginning later this month.

Fort Worth skyline from the Trinity Trails

Fort Worth skyline from the Trinity Trails

With today’s ride of just over 30 miles, my training log now stands at 3,002.17 miles.
Now that I’ve reached the training target, it’s time to focus on last-minute preparations. I’ve had the bike tuned and new tires mounted. I’ve attached the racks to the bike, reserved a rental car to drive to San Diego and bought trip-cancellation insurance in case I crash and burn before or during the ride.
Now the task is to assemble all the gear to see if it fits into the front and rear panniers. Some weeding out is inevitable.
Are three pair of underwear enough for 65 days on the road? How many spare tubes will I need? Should I take the iPod? What about the small AM-FM-shortwave radio? It could come in handy in monitoring hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico? I’ve got to take a book — a slim paperback. But which one?
Decisions, decisions.


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One response to “A glorious 1st of September

  1. Ben P.

    Are you taking your USB electric razor?

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