The itinerary is posted

A day-by-day itinerary of our cross-country bicycle trip has been posted on the Route page of this blog.
We will average about 57 miles per day during our journey from San Diego to St. Augustine, Fla. But we will have some short days — at least in terms of distance — and some long ones.

The road to Fort Davis

The road to Fort Davis

The shortest distance is 21 miles — on Sept. 24 from Palo Verde, Calif., to Blythe, Calif.
I’m not sure why that day is so short. Judging from Google Maps, the ride appears to be through a flat, irrigated valley just west of the Arizona border. Perhaps we’ll be husbanding our strength for the rides of the next four days through the northern Sonoran Desert to Phoenix.
The longest distance to be covered in a day will be 91 miles from Van Horn to Fort Davis in West Texas on Oct. 13.
The length of that day — which will include some climbing in the Davis Mountains on Texas 166 during the last segment of the ride — apparently is dictated by the lack of towns and services between Van Horn and Fort Davis.
Mercy me! That could be one tough day.


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