Age is only a number

Tom Cline

Tom Cline

As an aging cyclist, I’m fond of the saying: “You don’t stop riding because you get old; you get old because you stop riding.”
I keep that in mind as I go into the second full year of retirement and count down the days until the start of a bicycle ride across the United States: Sept. 18-Nov. 21, San Diego to St. Augustine, Fla., 3,160 miles.
On Monday, I came across a weekend story in the Marion Star, in Marion, Ohio, about another aging cyclist who obviously adheres to that motto: Tom Cline, age 85.
Cline, the story said, took up cycling at age 74 and in the past 11 years has completed at least 17 week-long bicycle trips. He rides about 4,000 miles a year and has done several 100-mile century rides.
The story quoted another aging cyclist, Robert “Corky” Cusick, who will be 79 in September. Cusick started riding seriously when he retired at 62, and bicycled across the United States at age 65.
Cusick had a message for couch potatoes — old and young: “You’re never too old to start something. Your body needs to be active. You’ve got to keep it going.”



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3 responses to “Age is only a number

  1. Mateo

    Dang. He is even more of a hoss than you, Dad! But not by much.

  2. Dimitri

    It doesn’t matter at all wat’s your, wat matters is the spirit you hav to do the things. And you ‘ll difinately going to enjoy.


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  3. Dimitri

    Wat all matters is the spirit to do things, it has no relation with age.


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