Some innovations in cycling

Bike lane lightA couple of items on innovations in bicycling came to my attention this week, courtesy of The New York Times and the e-mail news group of the Fort Worth Bicycling Association.
Thursday’s Times and the newspaper’s Web site carried a piece on the popularity of folding bikes among the estimated 2 million people who commute to work by bicycle. See the story and the Web site’s slide show of various models of folding bikes.
An e-mail from a member of the FWBA told of a light that can be attached to a bike’s seat post to allow a cyclist to create a personal bike lane at night. The device, called LightLane, was “created for a design competition to promote commuting by bicycle.”
“Bike lanes are an effective means of improving safety for motorists and cyclists,” says the Web site for LightLane. “However, due to the high cost of installation, bike lanes are not widely available. Instead of forcing cyclists to adapt their behavior to the existing infrastructure, the bike lane should adapt to the cyclist.”
Check out the video showing how the LightLane works.


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  1. Ben P.

    I think I’m going to get one of those lights. Also, the folding bike craze here in Taiwan is HUGE! There are loads of different models, and it is the bike of choice among most people.

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