Debut of the Gallus: Part III

Barry and Gallus bikeFriend and neighbor Barry Shlachter stopped by the house this morning after a test ride to show off his new custom bike, a Gallus, built by his son Jeremy.
Jeremy and his Gallus bikes have been featured in two previous blog posts, “The debut of the Gallus” on May 12 and “Debut of the Gallus: Part II” on May 14. Both posts contained video clips of Jeremy displaying his work at the inaugural San Diego Custom Bike Show April 3-5. Check out the videos.
gallus-cycles-logo-1Jeremy worked as a bicycle messenger in Glasgow, Scotland, for four years before returning to the United States to build custom bikes. “Gallus,” Jeremy says, is a Glaswegian slang term roughly translated as “badass.”
gallus-cycles-image-editedBarry’s bike, essentially, is a steel-framed hybrid with attachments for racks to take panniers, or cargo bags, wider tires than a racing or track bike would have and a Brooks B-17 saddle. It’s a beautiful piece of work and should be excellent for bike commuting or perhaps long-distance touring.


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