Don’t try this … anywhere!

bike crashBicycle touring, the kind of cycling that I do, doesn’t require a lot of skill. What skill is involved was probably learned the first time I mounted a bike and steered an unsteady course down the block.
Some six decades later, when I ride a touring bicycle, the basic task is to point the bike down the road, pedal fast enough to keep the machine upright and hope to have the stamina to get to the intended destination.
Danny MacAskill, however, takes bicycle handling to a new jaw-dropping dimension. I watched his two-wheeled acrobatics in amazement and admiration.



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6 responses to “Don’t try this … anywhere!

  1. Ben P.

    That guy is just awesome!!!!!!

  2. zack

    Hey Jim,

    If you go to the video’s original Youtube page (, underneath its info on the right side of the page there’s a link you can copy and paste to embed it.

    • Hey, Zack,
      Thanks for the advice. I did what you suggested and it seemed to work. Except for a couple pieces of extraneous code before and after the embedded video, it looks good. I guess that extraneous code is supposed to be there. Thanks for looking at the blog.

  3. Ben P.

    Check this out. It seems fun.

  4. Dang. That’s an impressive video.

    Responding to Ben’s comment about the Urban Assault Ride. I did it in Dallas and found that it was expensive and poorly organized.

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