‘A personal wi-fi bubble’

mifiI wrote in an April 27 entry, “Blogging on a bike,” that I plan to carry an ultra-portable “netbook,” a Dell Inspiron Mini 9, on my bicycle trip across the United States to keep an online journal. “The only problem,” I wrote, “is that I will have to rely on finding wi-fi hotspots, which are fairly common in populated areas, but might be as rare as waterspouts in the desert Southwest.”
That problem may be solved by a gadget written about in today’s Personal Tech section of The New York Times, “Wi-Fi to Go, No Cafe Needed.” The gadget is called a Novatel MiFi 2200, which should be available from Verizon in mid-May. The MiFi, said the Times, is like “a personal Wi-Fi bubble, a private hot spot” that follows you everywhere you go.
The device, about the size of a credit card but three times as thick, will cost $100 with a two-year contract, after rebate, the Times said. “If you just want to do e-mail and the Web, you pay $40 a month for the service (250 megabytes of data transfer; 10 cents a megabyte above that),” the article said. “If you watch videos and shuttle a lot of big files, opt for the $60 plan (5 gigabytes).”
The Mi-Fi gets its Internet signal just as cellular modems do — in this case from Verizon’s 3G (high-speed) cellular data network — “and converts that cellular Internet signal into an umbrella of Wi-Fi coverage that up to five people can share,” the article said.
I guess I need to trot down to the local Verizon store to inquire about this wondrous gadget.


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  1. Ben P.

    That sounds quite amazing. I still don’t know how they put music onto a record or cd!!

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