1,000 miles, but many more to go

kid-on-bike1I passed a milestone Thursday in my training regimen for a ride across the United States: 1,000 miles since the start of the year – a period including six weeks off the bike after Jan. 27 surgery to repair an abdominal hernia that I’ve had since childhood.
That’s a third of the training miles that I hope to get in before the start of the cross-country ride on Sept. 18. Only 2,000 more miles and 4 1/2 months to mold this 66-year-old, surgically improved body into a lean, mean riding machine like the dude pictured below!muscular-man-with-bicycle1
Three thousand miles of training might sound like a lot. But I always have feelings of inadequacy when I log training miles, because some biker somewhere – around the world or down the block — is always better.
Some years ago, a fellow cyclist on an online training log that I was using routinely logged 10,000 to 12,000 miles per year. That works out to around 30 miles per day, every day of the year.
The log listed the cumulative mileage totals of all of the cyclists using the log, all over the world, and this guy was always at the top of the list. Few riders were even close. I believe he lived in California, so he at least had the weather on his side. But to ride 30 miles per day, every day!?
I figure he was retired, commuted by bike to work, or didn’t have a life. Whatever the case, I don’t think I could ever match that guy.



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5 responses to “1,000 miles, but many more to go

  1. Ben P.

    Not related to this post, but have you thought about taking along portable solar panels to power all your tech gear?

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