Riders in the ‘hood

Some of the most pleasant training rides, if they can be so called, are those with friends and neighbors who meet on Sunday mornings in the driveway of Steve McReynolds in Mistletoe Heightsmha-bike-riders-2. The neighborhood, one of Fort Worth’s oldest, sits on high ground above the Fort Worth Zoo and near to downtown. It affords easy access to the city’s fine network of trails along the Trinity River.
Our group of cyclists, sometimes as few as three but occasionally as many as 10 or 12, includes riders of varying levels of fitness. So our Sunday rides are leisurely rambles of between 25 and 40 miles. They provide a nice aerobic workout, but they’re more a chance to socialize and catch up on neighborhood gossip. And any health benefit is probably neutralized by the post-ride burgers and beer.


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  1. zack

    Steve McReynolds… or Alan Rachins?

    That’s right, he’s been leading a double life, everyone.

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