Somewhere in Illinois

The header photograph just below the title of this blog, a fully loaded cyclist (me) against a verdant backdrop of a healthy soybean crop, was shot by my brother-in-law, Jim Finney, in September 2008 during the fourth, and last, Illinois Great Rivers Rideiggr-edited.

The IGRR, organized and funded by my home state, was probably the best tour in terms of rider amenities that I’ve ever participated in. Every day, for example, included a happy hour with free drinks served from a mobile bar. The IGRR, alas, has become a victim of state budget cuts.

Although trucks were available to carry our gear, I used the 2008 IGRR (the third that I rode in) as a shakedown cruise for a cross-country ride. I carried all my gear — tent, sleeping bag, clothes, etc. — on my bike. The ride proved to be a good test as the loop through Southern Illinois included formidable hills one after the other. But the shakedown turned out to be easier than I had expected.jrp-fully-loaded2p2020069


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  1. Ben P.

    You look quite ready to go Dad!!

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